Future Directions Final Report RELEASED!!

The WACA would like to thank all Great Southern Cricket stakeholders who contributed to the Great Southern Future Directions Project. Through surveys, Read more

Junior Country Week 2020

Monday 6th January to Friday 10th January 2020 Read more

Senior Country Week 2020

Sunday 19th January to Friday 24th January 2020 Read more

1 Mitchell Brown116JCW A Section6
2 Sebastian B Stanton94JCW A Section6
3 Taj Satie90JCW A Section6
4 Darcy Ingle90JCW A Section3
5 Jaxon Cornford89JCW A Section5
6 Kody Mulcahy82JCW A Section1
7 Alex Solomon76JCW A Section5
8 Taj Satie72JCW A Section5
9 Jaxon Cornford72JCW A Section2
10 Callum Marquis72JCW A Section4