Alcohol.Think Again Country Club Program
Date of Event : Tue Sep 5, 2017 11:00AM


Program Outline:

The WACA feels strongly about assisting Regional cricket clubs in promoting good health and wellbeing, as well as creating a responsible environment for the consumption of alcohol. This document is designed to assist clubs in developing, implementing, promoting, monitoring and reviewing a Healthy Club Policy.

There are 4 easy steps for taking part in the program.

1. Sign up to the program
Provide your details to your Regional Cricket Manager. Alternatively, if you’re interested in signing up to the program please contact Erin Corrie at the WACA,

2. Create a Healthy Club Policy
A requirement of the Program is for clubs to establish and implement a Healthy Club Alcohol Policy. This may be a new policy developed specifically as part of this program or can be an existing policy previously in place from participation in any one of the following:

  • Healthway’s Healthy Club program,
  • Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program; or
  • Department of Sport and Recreation’s Top Club program.
Below is a diagram of where this program fits in with others you may have taken part in.


If you haven’t taken part in any of these programs, and don’t have an alcohol policy, a sample Healthy Club Policy can be provided for you to customise to your clubs’ needs.

3. Implement the policy
The policy can be easy changes, such as including Healthy options in your canteen, providing free non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers, removing unhealthy branding from around your club or arranging family friendly events at the club.

We understand that each club is different – some have bars on site, some don’t. We want to think about your club’s individual situation, and what changes you can implement to create a safe and responsible environment for your club. The sample Healthy Club Policy will provide examples you can implement based on our clubs situation and needs.

4. Send in your policy
A minimum requirement of the program is to send the WACA your completed Healthy Club Policy. This can be done at one of the many seminars we are holding across the season, or you can choose to take the information away from the seminar and submit your policy at a later date.

Clubs who submit their Healthy Club Policy, as well as examples of how that policy was implemented across the season, will go in the running for cash prizes, the grand prize being $5,000 for the club showing the most improvement.

It’s that simple! Four steps to help make Cricket in regional WA a safe, healthy environment for our regional communities.


Why introduce a Healthy Club Policy?
The implementation of a Healthy Club Policy will:

  • Reinforce your club’s commitment to the safe serving and consumption of alcohol and the promotion of good health in general;
  • Set guidelines for members/participants in relation to alcohol and healthy behaviour;
  • Standardise the procedures for dealing with any behaviour that falls outside the stated objectives;
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of members and others associated with the organisation; and
  • Improve the potential for sustainable behaviour change.


How will a Healthy Club Policy benefit your organisation?
A Healthy Club Policy will benefit your organisation because:

  • It demonstrates your club’s commitment to providing a duty of care to members, spectators and participants;
  • It is attractive to participants/members – a ‘health promoting’ club will appeal to a broader community interest;
  • A healthy club is good for young people – parents feel reassured when children are involved in organisations where they are less likely to be exposed to excessive alcohol consumption and other health risks.


How can I develop a Healthy Club Policy?
Key steps in developing an effective Club Alcohol Policy include:
Form a group to oversee the development of your policy
Educating the club stakeholders on the new expectations
Communicating the policy to club members, supporters and players
Reviewing the policy annually to amend and update as required.

The local pub is our sponsor, does this affect how we implement a Healthy Club Policy?
No, we don’t want to restrict clubs from sponsorship opportunities, as we understand these can be the lifeblood of a club. We instead want you think about how the sponsorship is set up – for example look at promoting the dining facilities instead of drink specials.

Does this policy mean zero alcohol at club matches and events?
We’re not asking you to tell your member’s and supporters not to drink alcohol, instead we’re asking you to think of ways you can act responsibly and have guidelines in place that outline the club’s expectations around alcohol. The sample Healthy Club Policy can provide you ideas and guidelines on how to implement a policy suitable to your club.

What incentives do I receive as part of the program?
For taking part in the program, each club will receive:

Clubs who return their alcohol policy with examples of the implementation will also go in the running to win one of three cash prizes, 1st $5,000 2nd $2,500 and 3rd $1,500.

Is my club eligible to take part?
All regional cricket clubs, and associations are eligible to take part in this program.

My Club took part in the program last season, can I still enter the cash prize competition?
Yes, clubs that took part in the program during the 2016–17 season are eligible to enter the cash prize competition, you will need to send the WACA your Healthy Club Policy as well as evidence of implementation.


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